Purella BeRaw
Ewa Chodakowska

About us

I would like to present BeRAW – my healthy snacks which will revolutionise your menu, your day and your whole life!



Unique BE RAW bars are bursting at the seams with natural ingredients. Produced using RAW technology with the addition of superfoods, such as chia seeds, raw cocoa, chlorella, nuts, beetroot and coconut, which contain many nutrients.


Protein 30% bars

BeRAW Protein 30% bars are an ideal snack for physically active people and athletes. They will quickly satisfy hunger by providing the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Our bars contains as much as 30% of the highest quality wholesome protein which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass. They are ideal for work, travel and after training as a quick replenishment of energy reserves after an intensive effort.



BeRAW balls offer a wholesome combination of healthy and practical. Four interesting varieties of small balls that you can share with others. The non-standard and surprising combination of flavours, have been combined so as to supply a wealth of nutrients.



BeRAW smoothies are natural, healthy and delicious products, made of blended fruit and pressed juices. Produced using NFC technology from top-quality natural ingredients, with no sugar and preservatives added. Four flavours filled with a wealth of nutrients and superfoods.



An innovative RAW cookie with a soft stuffing is available in three yummy tastes: coconut, blueberry and coffee. Each cookie has been prepared using natural ingredients of top quality, without sugar and artificial additives. This appetizing snack can perfectly serve as a healthy alternative to sweets, feed the hunger and, all in all, through priobiotic bacteria, contribute to an appropriate performance of the gastrointestinal tract.


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